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About One Voice

Providing Caring,


Quality Speech Therapy

for All Ages

One Voice SLP Clinic provides one-to-one speech pathology treatment in a private clinic setting. Our mission is to help identify, manage, and improve specific deficits that interfere with functional communication, vocal performance, and swallowing abilities. We work with clients and their families to understand challenging condition(s), determine best strategies and treatment techniques for improved performance, and provide education and training to ensure home practice and carry-over of skills. Dora Johnston is committed to providing proven evidence-based therapy interventions best suited for each client in a caring, supportive, dynamically interactive environment.

One Voice SLP Clinic accepts referrals from primary care physicians, pediatricians, and other specialists, preschool or school teachers, school SLPs. An initial evaluation will be scheduled within 2 weeks of referral to assessment, diagnosis, and determination of best course of treatment. Frequency of therapy sessions are determined by severity and type of disorder.  Typically, treatment sessions are scheduled one to two times per week with standing appointment times. Our clinic observes the BISD school calendar for clients of school age.

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